Albania: Aurela Gace wins Kënga Magjike

by Helio Qendro 815 views

The 2011 Albanian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest, Aurela Gace won the Kënga Magjike 2014 with her song Pa kontroll (No control), a collaboration with Young Zerka.

In a 4 hour televised show on Saturday night, Aurela Gace and Young Zerka took home trophies for Hit Song and the winning entry. Pa kontroll was composed by Adrian Hila who is a well-known composer in Festivali i Këngës and also entries that have represented Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest. With this trophy, Aurela wins Kënga Magjike for the second time having it won in 2007 too with Hape veten.

Other representatives were also winners of awards. Kejsi Tola, the 2009 Albanian representative won the Production Award and ended up in the top 10 with her highly acclaimed song Iceberg. Anjeza Shahini, the first Albanian representative in 2004 won the Tendency Award for her stylish song, Energji (Energy).


Aurela Gace in 2007 and 2014 



Kejsi Tola and Anjeza Shahini



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