Ana Ivanović: It would be an honour to present Eurovision!

by Laura Gudim 87 views

Ana Ivanović, the top Serbian tennis star who reached the final at the French Open in Paris last June, has said she is “honoured” to be asked to present next year's Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade.

Ana, currently playing at the US Open in New York, has said that although she has not been contacted officially, that she would be honoured to play some part in the event.

"I know that the Eurovision takes place very close to the French Open, which makes it a little bit difficult, but we'll see", was what she said on her official website.

The head of Serbian television RTS Aleksandar Tijanić has said that it is his great wish for Ana to present, however public opinion in Serbia is divided. Some consider Ana to be the ideal candidate whilst others think a professional presenter would be better suited to the role.

Tijanić said that many singers and actresses could perform the role correctly, however Ana was recognisable the world over and her characteristic smile is known to millions of viewers. He added that there was no better picture of Serbia than Ana presenting the Eurovision in Belgrade: "I think it would be easy to carry out a consensus in Serbia and then people would agree that Ms Ivanović is the best choice, and that only primitive minds would have something against this."

In this year's French Open finale the statesque 186cm tall Serb, who has often been voted the world's most beautiful sportswoman, lost to the petite Belgian world no. 1 Justine Henin.