The Netherlands: Trijntje will sing Walk along in Vienna

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This morning, 11 December 2014, Dutch singer Trijntje Oosterhuis revealed her Eurovision 2015 entry in the radio-show Gouden Uren. The song is called Walk along and is a mid-tempo song. The song is written by Anouk, who can be heard as a backing vocalist in the studio-version of the song, although it is not likely she will be on stage in Vienna. Trijntje will perform under her own name during Eurovision, and not as “Traincha” as was speculated.

Daniël Dekker, host of the AVROTROS radio-program Gouden Uren on NPO Radio 2 and former ESC-commentator, received Trijntje Oosterhuis and Dutch ESC-commentators Cornald Maas and Jan Smit in his show.

Cornald Maas said the song is beautiful, melancholic, mid-tempo, revealing aspects of Anouks work, but enhanced by Trijntjes powerful voice. Maas is glad that the song is presented so soon, as he did not think they could have kept the song a secret for a long time.

Trijntje Oosterhuis talked about her participation in Eurovision, and about her song. She is very excited and views it as an honor to represent her country. This is the right time for her: she thought is was very cool to see how Anouk and The Common Linnets represented their countries. Trijntje feels very proud to be chosen and is very pleased to share the work with Anouk. She will give all her best in Vienna. Cornald Maas thinks Walk along could potentially be a winning song, although Trijntje says that ultimately it’s up to others to decide, but she is confident in the song.

Listen to the Dutch Eurovision 2015 song here:


The lyrics

I open up my heart to you
I cry for your attention
still you haven’t seen it yet

You only see me as a friend
but I wish you were waiting
with roses in the sunset, yeah

Why, won’t you walk along? (x2)

A gently smile passing your way
It’s not that I don’t try now
but you dont even notice me

In another time and place
another lifetime maybe
If only for a while oh, oh

Why, won’t you walk along? (x2)
Why, won’t you walk along? (x2)

I don’t seem to get you
to look at me one time

This is not a little crush,
don’t wanna wait in line

I love you, I love you baby

If only for a little while
Why, won’t you walk along? (x2)

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