Italy: Toto back in Bucharest

by Alex Noone 600 views

Italian singer and winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1990 Toto Cutugno is to perform in Bucharest’s Sala Palatului with the city’s Symphony Orchestra this coming 27 February.

Fans in the Romanian capital can expect to hear the 71-year-old star’s most famous songs, including the hit L’Italiano; Seranata and Figli, two of the sogs which with he entered the Saremo Music Festival; and, of course, his winning entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 1990, Insieme: 1992.

Toto Cutugno is well-known and well-liked throughout Romania. His first performance in Romania was at the country’s Golden Stag Music Festival back in 1993, and he has given many concerts and made many television appearances since then.

I am very emotionally tied to this country because I met many Romanians with whom I worked and I worked very well, he explained to journalists. In Romania I feel at home.

The Bucharest Symphony Orchestra was established in 2006, and perform a wide variety of musical genres. In 2010, Elena Gheorghe sang with the orchestra during a special Christmas concert. Elena represented Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 with the song The Balkan Girls, where she finished in 19th place.

You can watch Elena performing Ave Maria with the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra here.

Toto Cutugno is only the second Italian representative to win the Eurovision Song Contest, the first being Gigliola Cinquetti in 1964. The year after his victory, he and Gigliola co-hosted the Eurovision Song Contest when it was held in Rome. Both performers sang their winning songs as part of the 1991 contest’s opening act. You can watch that historic opening act here.

Tickets for Toto’s concert in Bucharest are available here.

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