Sónia Araújo participates in dance show before EDC

by Luis Florindo 101 views

Sónia Araújo will take part in a show called Gelosia created by Marco de Camillis, the choreographer behind the dancing routines to be performed on stage by her and Ricardo Silva in London at the Eurovision Dance Contest. It will be featured at Cinema S.Jorge in Lisbon from 28 to 30 June.

Gelosia, which means “jealousy” in Italian, is a show all about dancing . The dancers will perform, among other styles, tango, Broadway musical and samba combining the dancing techniques with modern moves and new musical arrangements.

Former entrants of Dança Comigo, the portuguese version of Dancing with the Stars will take part in it: Sónia Araújo, Patrícia Bull and Marina Mota (actresses) and also one of the juries João Baião (actor). They will be joined on stage by a group of eight professional dancers. They were all invited by the creator of the show.

Marco de Camillis is an Italian choreographer living in Portugal for 12 years who has been in the spotlight as the creator of the routines and one of the juries of Dança Comigo. He was also who came up with the stage performance of 2B in 2005 and Nonstop in 2006 at the EurovisionSong Contest.