Battle of songs

by Aris kalimeris 97 views

Battle of songs, is a song contest for all the music composers and writers from all over the world having as target to discover and of course to promote new talents in the music industry.

A10.000 euro prize awaits the winner of the contest. Beside that prize, the songs will be heard by many important people of the show industry, TV, Radio stations, record companies, and "Battle of songs" will find for the winning songthe proper Romanian artist to perform it. The winner will also have the opportunity to meet and be judged by famous and important personalities that make up the jury team.
These are :
Alex Revenco,Music Journalist and Senior Editor for "Jurnalul National" newspaper,
Andrei Vulpescu, Music journalist and the MC of Da Hood Justice band,
Bogdan Pavlica, Radio music shows producer and host for The Romanian National Radio, – Dan Popi, Emag!c Entertainment and former General Manager of EMI Publishing, Belgium and the president of the no. 1 record company in Romania (Cat Music),
Guido Janssens, Emagic Entertainment and former General Manager of EMI Publishing Belgium,
Tiberiu Crisan, Music journalist and Project Manager for Bestmusic,
Valeriu Rus, Group Program Manager for Kiss FM & Kiss TV),
Zoli Toth, Music manager and member of SISTEM, the band that represented Romania with Luminita Anghel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 in Kiev.At present , he is also the general manager of Star Management and the man behind the Battle of Songs contest.

But Star management in not only a companyabout Battle of songs contest. It is also related with booking of music projects, concert promotion and event production and many more.The father of the company is Zoli Toth, member of Sistem, and the manager and booking agent and also trainer in music business is Anca Lupes.

There are now 61 days left to enter songs to the Battle of songs contest.

Songs can be submittedhere.