Austria: Conchita Wurst meets UN Secretary-General

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Conchita Wurst, who represented Austria at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, performed and spoke at the UN headquarters yesterday in the city of Vienna. 

Yesterday, on Monday 3 November, Conchita Wurst was invited to meet the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as well as a number of UN staff members and diplomats at the UN headquarters in the city of Vienna. At the meeting, Conchita was invited to the stage where she spoke alongside Ban Ki-moon about a number of topics including human rights and discrimination.

Speaking about human rights around the world, Conchita commented:

Each and everyone wants to be respected, each and everyone wants to receive respect […] And unfortunately there are still many many countries and people out there who think that human rights are just for “someones”, not for everybody. But that’s not true and we all know that.

Regarding Conchita and her Eurovision victory, Ban Ki-moon commented:

[Conchita] is an incredible singer and entertainer. But what made her [Eurovision] win so meaningful was the way she turned her victory in the Song Contest into an electrifying moment of human rights education. Conchita is promoting respect for diversity. This is a core value of the United Nations Charter, along with our commitment to tolerance.

You can check out Conchita’s performances at the UN headquarters along with her and Ban Ki-moon’s speeches below.

Conchita Wurst meets the UN Secretary General

You can check out some photos from the event below as well as via Conchita’s official Facebook page.

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