Switzerland: RTS reveal the 26 chosen candidates

by Jessica Weaver 599 views

RTS, the Swiss French speaking broadcaster, has released the list of the 26 candidates who have been selected to partake in the RTS internal selection for the Swiss national final.

Earlier this year, RTS confirmed to ESCToday that the candidates from the Swiss French speaking national broadcaster would be selected via a special jury. Read more about it here. Below is a list of the 26 candidates.

The candidates

  1. Matthieu Blanchette – Bring back the moon
  2. Celia – Letter to myself
  3. Licia Chery – Fly
  4. Claudia – Can’t you let me go
  5. Electrum&Elisir – My muse
  6. Michael James – Boom!
  7. Jyaleen – Say hello
  8. Gisel de Marco – Teasing you
  9. Emannuel Leman – Silence
  10. Lorenzo Marra – Life is about moments
  11. Ricky Novak – Un drôle de rêve
  12. Angie Ott – Libre comme l’air
  13. Mélanie René – Time to shine
  14. Sajadi – Après la pluie
  15. Sajadi – Dis-moi quand
  16. Shana P. – Kevlar heart
  17. Veronica Singh – Sparks of sun
  18. Sosofluo – Wedding rain
  19. Taken By Storm – Moonlight
  20. Tosca – Water in the desert
  21. Roman Veda et Dan Sign Sing – Signe-moi
  22. Zéphyr Combo – Avide du soleil
  23. Alenko – Même si tout s’en va
  24. Anach Cuan – Hurdy gurdy girls
  25. Ascomusic – Le monde d’après
  26. Bastoun – Le jour se lève

A special jury will now shortlist all received 26 entries to 12 songs. A special radio show is scheduled to air on 20 November where the 12 shortlisted songs will be premiered for the very first time, once again the special  jury will evaluate all 12 entries and make their deliberation by selecting 6 songs/actswhich will proceed to the live audition  scheduled to be held in Zurich on 7 December.

These 6 acts will then join the 9 selected acts from SRF/RTR and the 3 acts from RSI, meaning that a total of 18 artists will qualify to the live auditions. The live audition is scheduled to be held on 7 December in Zurich.

After an exhaustive evaluation and deliberation the expert jury will shorlist a total of 6 candidates who will compete for the golden ticket to Austria at the 2015 Swiss Eurovision national final on 31 January in Kreuzlingen – 3 acts from RTR/SRF, 1 act from RSI, 2 acts from RTS.

Last year, Sebalter was selected to represent Switzerland at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with his entry Hunter of stars. Check out his Eurovision performance below.

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