Denmark: Tim Schou gets naked and accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge

by Gabriel Vivas 2,125 views

Former front-man of A Friend in London, Tim Schou, have published a special version of the challenge pouring over his bare body the infamous ice-cold water bucket.

The ALS ice bucket challenge fever might be over, but yesterday Tim Schou surprised the eurofans accepting the challenge totally naked. On his latest show the Dane blonde promised to stripped down and do it if his fans raise a non specify amount of money for Save the Children, a charity organization supported by Tim.

[youtube id=”foF4iOUz7qU” width=”100%” height=”350″]

Last summer the ice bucket challenge reigned in Youtube and thousands of people went to film themselves pouring a bucket of ice-cold water over their heads in a bid to raise awareness for the ALS Association, among them many eurostars.

Tim Schou represented Denmark in Düsseldorf as part of the indie rock band A Friend in London finishing on a honourable 5th place.

[youtube id=”YDXeK0r3aKs” width=”100%” height=”350″]

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