Spain: Festival de las Naciones with a taste of Eurovision

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The Spanish representative Lucía Pérez and the candidates Brequette and Jorge Gozález have performed at different dates in the 2014 edition of the international event Festival de la Naciones in Seville.

The Spanish Lucía Pérez is familiar with international events: her participation for her country in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest is stands for that. Brequette and Jorge González have attempted a participation. The latter even more than once.

The three of them have proven their value on stage quite enough. That is why we can tell that the public attending their concerts at the Festival de las Naciones 2014 in Seville have been pleased by the singers.

The Festival de las Naciones is an event consisting of a series of cultural activities and concerts by different artists from all of the world that has been taking place for some years now and many Spanish cities have been hosts to it.

On 3 October Brequette performed before a dedicated audience who was mesmerized by the magic of her voice and her know-how on stage. She performed classical songs, and her own candidate entry for Mira quién va a Eurovisión, Más (Run).

Lucía Pérez featured in a concert on 9 October singing songs from her own discography. One of them was her cover of Mike Oldfield’s Moonlight shadow in Spanish, which bears the title Sombra de la luna and is included in her album Quitapenas.

Jorge González jumped onto the stage on 26 September with his never-wearing latino vibes performing different covers and songs from his own portfolio.

These three artists are an example of perseverance, as despite the unsuccessful attempts to be at the Eurovision Song Contest of Brequette and Jorge or the discrete result obtained by Lucía in the Contest, their life on stage has gone on. Besides, they already had an extended résumé in the music industry before their Eurovision-related experiences. They are no freshmen. There is a life after Eurovision. And there is certainly a long history before Eurovision…

Lucía Pérez sang Que me quiten lo bailao for Spain in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. Brequette and Jorge González participated in the Spanish national selection for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with Más (Run) and Aunque se acabe el mundo respectively.

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