Spain: Ruth Lorenzo wants to go to Eurovision again!

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 340 views

The 2014 Spanish representative Ruth Lorenzo has announced today that she wants to go to Eurovision again.

Ruth met up with Spanish news site FormulaTV today at the NFA (Neox Fan Awards) red carpet and revealed that she plans to return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 3 years time.  You can watch her interview on FormulaTv here.

Ruth also met up with the 2009 Spanish Eurovision representative Soraya during the NFA Awards red carpet walk. Soraya represented Spain at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with her entry La noche es para mi.

Ruth speaking to Neox TV on the NFA red carpet.

Ruth Lorenzo represented Spain at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with her entry Dancing in the rain, achieving an honorable 10th placing.

Ruth has gained much popularity and exposure in Spain ever since she was selected to represent Spain at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. The Spanish star has been on a hectic schedule  touring around Spain and performing at various events, television shows and musical events.

Ruth will be releasing her brand new album titled Planeta Azul on 27 October. You can order her new album and listen to the snippets of the songs on Itunes. She released her latest single Gigantes last week.

You can listen to Gigantes below.

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