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The release of the next album by Pastora Soler is coming closer. Before that, let’s hear the artist herself as she explains how it has been recorded…

The Spanish entrant in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest is no newcomer. She had a long career behind her when she sang in Baku for her country.

Despite this, it transpires from her own words that every new album is more than a challenge. Actually, it soinds like more of a quest into unexplored grounds… This is what it sounds like as you listen to Pastora Soler’s reflections in the documentary that her record label Euterpe Music has published. In the video, Pastora analyzes different steps in her career and the making of her upcoming album Conóceme. The title is Spanish for know me. And that is what the documentary is all about. Knowing Pastora Soler.

The inception of Conóceme started at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, an unforgettable and positive experience. It was because of this that she met Tony Sánchez Ohlsson, the composer of Quédate conmigo and author of 11 songs of Pastora’s future album.

After the Eurovision Song Contest came the task of working on a complete record that would fulfill great expectations making something new.

I wanted positive messages, Pastora says. We always sing of heartbreak and make albums full of sentiment that you will hold on to in your sad moments. I wanted an album for those beautiful moments.

Conóceme is also the title of one of the songs of the forthcoming album. The message of this song is the one Pastora Soler wants to pass to those who listen to it. She wants people to know her, her music, her art… Pastora recognizes herself in the lyrics of this song. The feeling is so strong that when she sang Conóceme for the first try-outs in the studio, it went so smooth that the song recorded in one shot with no interruption. Actually, the final cut of the track contains much of the recorded material from that first approach to the song.

Other songs that are analyzed are Madre (described by the interpreter as a pure song) and Espérame, which is the song she always dreamed of singing. As Pastora Soler explains, the style is very different to what I did before and it was hard for me to do this until Quédate conmigo opened the door to that style. Espérame is a difficult song, but I like the challenge. And working with Tony Sanchez Ohlsson may be very demanding, but as he indicates, I ask for nothing that she cannot give; her limit is in the sky.

The concerts in her next tour will be impacted by this new album. So far, Pastora has been dedicated to the Spanish Copla. I will never leave the stage without singing Copla, she shoots. Still, the new sound of Conóceme will be noticed. The band will sound different, maybe a bit more pop-music like, she advances.

Her next tour is expected to begin in Cadiz on 11 January.

A new album, a new style… Pastora Soler steps into a whole new stage in her career, with a bit of fear but plenty of confidence in herself.

The whole documentary (in Spanish) can be enjoyed here. An opportunity to know a bit more about Pastora. Still, Conóceme is the album you need to get to know her.

Pastora Soler represented Spain in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest with Quédate conmigo.

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How do you like what you hear so far? Looking forward to it? What else do you expect from Conóceme? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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