Italy/Luxembourg/Monaco: Eurostars to kick off new nostalgia tour in France

by Yann Messina 272 views

A new wave of nostalgia will very soon hit France and the French speaking countries. Following the huge success of tours such as Stars 80 or Âge Tendre et Tête de Bois (see here), the Rendez-Vous avec les Stars tour will also fight for its piece of the pie with many former Eurovision glories taking part yet again.

Conducted by popular French TV presenter Patrick Sabatier, the tour will count famous British singer Petula Clark as a guest of honour. The show will feature several well known singers including quite a few Eurovision glories such as French singers Hugues Aufray, who entered the contest held in Copenhagen in 1964 on behalf of Luxembourg, and Michèle Torr, who took part in 1966 for Luxembourg and again in 1977 for Monaco. The show will also count on the energetic performances of Belgian singer Plastic Bertrand who represented Luxembourg in 1987 in his hometown Brussels. Italian singer Umberto Tozzi, who entered the contest in 1987 together with Raf, will also be part of the adventure.

The new tour will start on 18 October in the French town of Chalon-sur-Saône before visiting the country’s main cities as well as Belgium and Switzerland at least until July 2015.