France: Jessy Matador releases new single

by Yann Messina 443 views

Jessy Matador, the 2010 Eurovision entrant for France in Oslo, has released earlier today his brand new single Zuluminati on several digital platforms.

The ambassador of the Afrikan New Style is back with a solo project after 4 years during which he has been releasing a large number of albums and singles in cooperation with many artists coming from very a wide variety of backgrounds. The brand new single Zuluminati is announcing the release of a new album which will probably surprise Jessy’s fans.

The singer reportedly stated that he completely changed the team working with him, resulting in a brand new sound for his upcoming album. The singer promised prestigious featurings no one would be thinking of.

Jessy Matador is currently appearing on the TV reality show L’île des vérités 4 which was shot in French Polynesia and is now being broadcast on channel NRJ12. When recently asked about his opinion on such reality shows and his own participation, the singer declared that being an artist he does not care about what people may say or think. Taking as an example his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010 he added : “People said that I would ruin my career but I did it for my professional experience. I went on to reach the top of the charts for 6 consecutive weeks thanks to it. Let people think whatever they want!”

When asked about Conchita Wurst’s victory in Copenhagen earlier this year, Jessy Matador genuinely answered: “This is just an awesome proof of tolerance. Sincerely, if we could really be the same in France, things would be very different. Conchita’s victory demonstrates that anyone can succeed, whatever one’s difference is. Everyone has a place in this world.”

Jessy Matador represented France on the Eurovision stage in 2010 in Oslo with the upbeat entry Allez Ola Olé reaching an honorable 12th place before topping the charts in several European countries during summer.