Denmark: Tim Schou with friends in London

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The Danish recording artist is preparing his forthcoming tour in the United Kingdom. While in England, he will take some time for a special performance in London.

It has been some time since Tim Schou led the band A friend in London in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. Still, he got again involved with Eurovision events as the host to the Euroclub this year in Copenhagen.

Tim is now focused on a solo career which recently debuted with the release of his single Supernova.

This was not the last that we will hear from him, as he is set and ready for a series of recitals in the United Kingdom which will take him to Birmingham, Liverpool and Glasgow.

Apart from this, he will pay a visit to London for a special event. On 14 January 2015 Tim Schou will give his first full band showcase. The place will be The Garage in Highbury, London, starting at 19:30 CET.


Tim has made a special call to his friends in London… 150 tickets to the showcase are available. You can get yours on this site. And, if you post a picture of your ticket on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #schoushowcase you will get a surprise from Schou… Just one more incentive to attend this special performance by Tim. Even though the chance to see him performing live is a good reason in itself…

Tim Schou sang as a member of the band A friend in London representing Denmark in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with the song New tomorrow.

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