High pressure took Benton into hospital

by Sietse Bakker 397 views

Dave Benton was taken to Pelgulinna hospital in Tallinn due to the high pressure which his body couldn”t take any more. The doctors refused to comment the situation of the eurosinger, but they said that he”ll be alright. The chief doctor of the hospital, Vello Ilmoja, admitted that Bentons cure can take a long time.

The doctors refused to comment the situation of the singer, but they said that he”ll be alright. “We give information only with the permission of the patient, but I can say that he”s going to be better”, said Bentons doctor dr. Künnapuu. <“On this and next week he will not get out of the hospital”, the doctor added. At this moment, Benton is home already.

It is supposed that Benton got to the hospital due to the high pressure which was caused by the wrangles and disagreement of the managers of Tanel and Dave. Dave Benton performed last time on June 21st in Estonian summer resort Pärnu.

The next performance of Dave Benton will be on July 25th in Tallinn as a guest performer of Eros Ramazzotti”s concert. “I think that the illness will be over by that time and Benton”s performance is 100% sure”, said the press manager of Ramazzotti”s concert Reno Hekkonen.

Dave and Tanel will not perform together on Saturday in Pärnu in the waterfestifal Watergate (http://www.watergate.ee/) as stated earlier. The organizers are looking for the black replacement artist as a “substitute” to Dave, who would perform “Everybody” together with Tanel, writes SL Õhtuleht.

The organizer of Watergate Priit Valkna said that if Benton is not coming to perform with Tanel, plan B will be used – we look for the black replacement. Valkna said that the replacement will be found in a few days and if necessary, he will be brought from Finland.

“The people are waiting for the performance of “Everybody” over and over again and we don”t want to disappoint them”, explained Valkna. Written contract about performing in Watergate was signed in April. Bentons manager was Jaak Ahelik then. “The contract is still existing and we are not going to break it. We will wait for Benton till the last minute”, promised Valkna. “If for example so different musicians as Axl Rose and George Michael can perform on the same stage, then I just can”t understand why Estonian artists can”t”?

“They can do what they want” said the composer of “Everybody” Ivar Must about the replacement of Dave Benton. Dave Benton”s representing agency Baltic Music Promotions marketing chief Meigo Pruudel confirmed that this summer it”s not possible to see Dave and Tanel performing together. Pruudel said that all the rights to use the song belong to Universal record company.

“If Valkna or anyone else wants to replace Dave, he cant” still use the fonogram without the written permission of Universal”, mentioned Pruudel. “If he does that, Universal will start a lawcase to protect his rights and interests”.