Managers: Tanel and Dave split up

by Sietse Bakker 508 views

Both Bentons manager Lauri Laubre from Baltic Music Promotions and Padar”s manager Ülar Palm from Estonian Artists Agency said that the two Eurovision winners will not perform together anymore. The main problems were the relationships between the record companies.

Laubre sayed that the main problems were the relationships between record company Universal and Estonian Artists Agency as they couldn”t agree on how to record and publish the album of a winning duet.

Benton didn”t consider the situation rational, if he would perform only one song in the album together with Padar. Therefore it was decided due to the lack of time to concentrate to his solo album. The record company was also very angry that Padar didn”t show up to the single promotion in a Dutch tv-station. But here at ESCTODAY we”ve seen the performance of both singers on television…

Estonian Artists Agency is right now working with Padar”s band Speed Free project in USA, which Palm didn”t want to comment. They also prepare Padar”s performances as a pop artist in Finland and other neighboring countries.

Ivar Must, the author of “Everybody” regretted that this is the end of the duo which millions of Europeans liked. “I wrote the song which was successful and I also did everything that this song would do well also in the future”, sayd Must. “But nothing depends on me any more”. The composer also added that, he thinks that the end of the cooperation of the duo doesn”t make much sense. Of course it”s not a good news to the Universal Sweden, who released the single “Everybody”, assumed Must. Must is continuing the work with Benton”s solo album at the moment. 6 songs are ready and they have also picked the first single, which is going to be in Spanish.

Last week was “Everybody” in the 18th position in the Swedish single chart. A week before it also reached to the charts in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.