France: Amandine releases new album

by Helio Qendro 154 views

The 2013 French representative in the Eurovision Song Contest, Amandine Bourgeois has released a new album which like her has an original concept to go with.

The former French Eurohopeful Amandine, gives the French public a taste of what she’s been doing recently, all in a compilation. And her latest album suggests she has been doing a lot of male covers, and compiled them all into Au Masculin, the name of her latest record.

Below you can watch an interview where Amandine explains the idea of the album:

I covered men who made me dance, made me laugh, made me cry.

But it doesn’t end just there. To go even deeper in the message, Amandine appears in a male-ish costume and also in suit and tie for her first single Ma Gueule, originally sung by Johnny Halliday. Notably, she also covered Stromae‘s Alors en Danse, the famous dance tune.

You can watch Amandine’s video for the first single below as well as the revamped version of Alors en Danse:

Stay tuned to for more news regarding past participants and the Eurovision Song Contest.