Copenhagen live: Grand Final countries’ first rehearsal [part 1]

by Fernando Méndez 123 views

It is the first day of rehearsals for the host country and the Big 5 taking place at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest home, in Copenhagen. 

The rehearsals today were closed to the press and have to be watched on the Press Centre screens.

Germany started the day at 10:00. Elaiza and it’s singers stand on a checkerboard, dressed in flower tops. The background displays small checkerboards and Elaiza’s name. The lead singer slowly stroll around the stage, sometimes holding the microphone with her hands, sometimes using the stander. The whole scene is decorated in a colorful style.

The United Kingdom representative, Molly, was the second artist to jump on stage in the B&H Hallerne. Molly is accompanied by a drummer and four backing singers, with her standing in the center of the scene, her hands often open to the audience. Only by the end of the song she moves away holding the microphone in her hands. The stage floor is decorated with a flower henna-like patterned design, in line with Molly’s tattoo. The backdrop is dominated by orange, white and blue, switching from a starry ski to floating lanterns. The last seconds of Children of the universe get illuminated by a fireworks curtain.

Despite some initial audio problems, Molly and her backing singers could display their vocal capabilities, supported by echo-effect.

France was the third country to begin its rehearsals today. Despite a few problems with the staging, the band managed to bring a fun, colorful and different performance. They wore what is very likely to be their outfits for the finale. Lorent was wearing a checked shirt and tie with jeans, his brother François was wearing a jacket, polo shirt and shorts whereas Patrick was shirtless with a short and tights, and his recognizable face make up. They are accompanied on stage by one male dancer wearing white dungarees and a tee shirt with a smiley face, one female, wearing a white skirt and top and finally a backing vocalist on the side of the stage.

The musicians moving to the guitar and while the screen flashes with white lights. Lots of colorful patterns could be seen. During the chorus a big moustache filled with the colors of different flags takes the backdrop. The band covers the whole stage and do a little dance routine which turned out to be not as easy as expected.During the second rehearsal Lorent gently pushed his brother out of the way of the camera, making the press center laugh. By the 4th rehearsals, Twin Twin had improved their performance but some technical adjustments have to be made by the production.

Stay tuned to for more news on the rehearsals and the Eurovision Song Contest.