Exclusive: Aram MP3 talks to Esctoday!

by Fiona Galliford 149 views

Esctoday’s Head of Press Sergio Jiandani caught up with Armenia’s representative, Aram MP3, in Copenhagen earlier today.

Aram MP3’s entry Not alone will open this year’s contest on 6 May, and is the current hot favourite to win according to the latest betting odds.  At the time of writing, the official video has received over two million views on YouTube, and bookmakers across Europe have predicted huge success for the song.

Famous as both a singer and a comedian in his homeland and Russia, Aram MP3 reveals the comedic origins of his stage name in our exclusive video interview below.

We also have the chance to speak to Aram’s collaborator and good friend Garik, who provides some more insight into the story behind Not alone. Aram discusses the powerful message behind Not alone, encouraging fans of the song to fight for your love and never give up.  He and Garik also touch upon the importance of the Eurovision Song Contest in Armenia.

Be sure to watch our interview below:

Aram mp3 would like to thank esctoday.com readers for all their support and he hopes that you will vote his entry to victory next week.

You can watch the official video for Not alone below:

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