Copenhagen live: Portugal’s second rehearsal

by Jessica Weaver 71 views

The team has arrived at the 2014 host city of Copenhagen and is ready to report live for another year at the heart of the contest. Portugal and Suzy are thirteenth to rehearse on the Eurovision stage today.

It’s a colourful rehearsal from Suzy – the Portuguese performance includes a number of drums and dancers, bringing a cheerful atmosphere to the Eurovision stage. You can watch the Portuguese rehearsal below!

Suzy will be the thirteenth act to perform on the Eurovision stage in the first semi-final on the 6 May. Suzy, Portugal’s representative, will be competing for a place at the grand final with her song Quero ser tua alongside 15 other artists; only 10 will qualify.

The Netherlands is next up to perform their second rehearsal which is set to be revealed shortly.

Stay tuned to for the latest news on the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest rehearsals.

What are your thoughts on the Portuguese rehearsal? Will the joyful Portuguese performance attract the public and jury?