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The Spanish news website hosted today a digital meeting with the Spanish entrants in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. Amongst other subjects, D'Nash guys spoke about their favourite rival songs, their hope to reach a good place next May in Helsinki and their immediate projects, including the re-edition of their debut album Capaz de todo next April 16th.

Moldova, Greece, Belarus and Switzerland are four of the D'Nash favourite participating songs in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. This is only one of the 50 answers that Basty, Ony, Javi and Mikel gave to their fans this afternoon in a digital meeting hosted by the Spanish news website .

Judging by the Spanish hopefuls' words, they feel really thrilled about taking part in the biggest musical event in Europe, but cautious at the same time. Asked about the results of several polls that place them in a high position in the final scoreboard, the four guys stated that "It's good to know that people support us since the beginning, but the reality can be different in the end … Being placed within the Top-10 would be a success for us". D'Nash members had also good words for the song they will be defending on the stage of the Hartwall Areena, I love you mi vida: "It's rhythmical and it has musical quality at the same time".

When a fan asked Mikel about his Austrian roots and if they would help to gain some points from this Central European country that has rarely given any points to Spain, Mikel answered that he willcall onhis Austrian relatives to help the boyband reaching a high score.

D'Nash also talked about the stage of preparations for Helsinki: "The show is about to be polished", they said.And as fortheir clothing: "We are going to be dressed in the same colour, but we don't know what colour it will be yet".

The band has announced that they have some projectsready for after the Contest: "We are planning a second CD and a new tour … . The Spanish tour is being scheduled. We have more than 60 fixed dates. Our further aim isto travel outsideSpain, to Latin America and the rest of Europe".

D'Nash talked about their dreams as well. Ony's biggest wish is "to perform in the Madison Square Garden"; Mikel's, to make the music his "way to earn a living"; Basty's, to "succeed in Latin America" and Javi's, to "record the original soundtrack for a Disney motion picture".

Re-edition of Capaz de todo

On April 16th, D'Nash will be re-releasing their debut album.It will include"all the themes we performed in the Misión Eurovisión final show, 'Stand by me', and also a DVD comprising all our performances at the programme will be released".

You can read the full interview here (in Spanish).

As reported early last week, D'Nash will be holding another digital meeting this Thursday April 12th. The popular radiostation Los 40 Principales will be hosting it in its website, You can find more information here .

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