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Serebro are planning a strong debut in Helsinki this May, when they perform Song #1 at the Eurovision Song Contest final for Russia. The girls recently spoke on Russian channel TVC about their hopes, fears and personalities one month ahead of their debut stage performance.

Their entry, Song #1, is about "real, strong, beautiful girls who know what they want and always get the most out of life", explains Olga. And, just like anyone, real girls feel that pre-contest tension too. "Of course we're a little nervous" admits Lena. "It's our first concert and stage appearance, so I guess there will be nerves".

Soft metal
The contest is indeed a big step for the girls, who have been together for just a year now, and Song #1 and the Eurovision Song Contest have outted them as artists perhaps sooner than their producers had originally planned. The trio ended up together practially by chance, without the auditions and casting that usually precede the formation of many bands today. Lena met Russian pop mogul Maxim Faddeev four years ago, and with him set about forging a musical identity. Olga and Marina came along, and Maxim seized the chance to found Serebro, whose name (Silver in Russian) evokes the precious, soft metal the band like to identify with. The Eurovision song itself came about almost accidentally too, just like the band – a chance tune that "popped into Maxim Fadeev's head one day".

Lena is keen to point out that Maxim Fadeev is a man who chooses to work with people he has an affinity with, and that is the foundation for a great atmosphere between the band members. "Because of that, all his artists have something in common with him. That's why we're the perfect trio!"

Making time for living
Apart from singing, studio sessions and Eurovision Song Contest preparations, the girls have real everyday lives that they lead when they have the time. Marina is the real artist of the group, with a flair for oil-painting and pencil sketches, while Olga is Sporty Serebro, having led a really active life before the group started to take more and more of her time.

Download and watch the interview for yourself (in Russian) from this link at Maxim Fadeev's site .

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