Montenegro: Staging plans for Copenhagen revealed

by Jessica Weaver 536 views

Sergej Ćetković, who will represent Montenegro at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, and his Eurovision team are currently working on the Montenegrin stage preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest this coming May in Copenhagen.

Over the past number of weeks, Sergej has embarked on mini tour around Europe where he has been promoting his Eurovision entry Moj svijet. During that time, preparations have been set in regards to the Montenegrin staging for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. Last week, RTCG announced that Serbian figure skating champion Jovana Stanisavljević would appear on stage alongside Sergej. Although Jovana is a successful figure skater, Jovana will in fact appear on the Eurovision stage as a ballerina.

Three backing singers will also appear on the Eurovision stage – Ivana Čabraja, Dragan Brnas and Martina Majerle, all of whom have a connection with the Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Ivana Čabraja has previously performed as a backing vocalist at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest for the Croatian representative Nina Badrić.
  • Dragan Brnas was part of the Croatian Eurovision team in 2013 where he was responsible for the arrangement of the Croatian entry Mižerja.
  • Martina Majerle has previously represented Slovenia at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest alongside the string quartet group Quartissimo.

Rehearsals are underway

Back in November 2013, the Montenegrin national broadcaster RTCG announced that Sergej Ćetković had been internally selected to represent Montenegro at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. It was later revealed that Sergej would perform his song Moj svijet at the contest in Copenhagen. Sergej will perform in the first semi-final on the 6 May where he will be aiming to bring Montenegro their first qualification since their debut in 2007.

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