Tonight: The UK are Making Their Mind Up

by Steve Holyer 95 views

The Eurovision Song Contest National Final season is not quite over. Tonight the United Kingdom will select their representative from a field of six candidates. Forty-one of the forty-two participating countries have already submitted their songs, only the UK's selection remains. The travel weary team is now in Maidenstone covering the show. No webcast has been announced, but will cover the broadcast live.

United Kingdom – Making Your Mind Up 2007: 19:30 local time / 20:30 CET (BBC 1)

The programme will be hosted by Terry Wogan and Fearne Cotton. A panel of experts will be on hand to critique each of the six performances being offered during the first hour. After all of the performances are complete the televoting will begin (numbers can be found below). The BBC will make a break for other programming while the voting proceeds.Any votes submitted after 21:00 will not count but the senders will be charged for the call or text nevertheless.
There will be two rounds of voting. The first two acts from the initial voting round will perform once more, then the lines will open again for a second voting round that will decide the final winner.
BBC warns that provisions have been made to prevent any attempt to alter the result by block voting.

United Kingdom – Making Your Mind Up 2007 – results: 21:30 local time / 22:30 CET (BBC 1)

The results will be given in a second segment of the Making Your Mind Up programme. Lordi, the reigning Eurovision Song Contest champions will be on hand to perform for this half hour programme. This is the only national final appearance for Lordi. The UK winner will be selected solely by the televote.

The six contestants and voting numbers for tonight follow:

Song 1: (Don't It Make You) Happy! performed by Liz McClarnon
Dial 09011 110 841 or text SONG 1 to 82222

Song 2: I Can, performed by Brian Harvey
Dial 09011 110 842 or text SONG 2 to 82222

SONG 3 Big Bro Thang, performed by Big Brovaz
Dial 09011 110 843 or text SONG 3 to 82222

Song 4: I'll Leave My Heart, performed by Cyndi
Dial 09011 110 844 or text SONG 4 to 82222

Song 5: Flying The Flag (For You) performed by Scooch
Dial 09011 110 845 or text SONG 5 to 82222

Song 6: They Don't Make 'Em They Like They Used To, performed by Hawkins and Brown
Dial 09011 110 846 or text SONG 6 to 82222

Calls cost 25p from BT phones (other providers may charge more). Half the price of the call (12.5p) will be donated to Children in Need.

Although the BBC webcast Making Your Mind Up last year, there is no information about a webcast for this year. However, the team will provide a continuously updated live re-cap of the show, with commentary, beginning at 20:30 CET.

Our on-the-spot team in Maidenstone reports that- much to the disappointment of their fans- Bucks Fizz will not be performing after all tonight. Mike, Cheryl and Jay are present alright but Bobby G is not as he has a previous engagement in Ireland which he would not cancel. Stay tuned for more news on the British final here.