BigPoll 2007

by Benny Royston 219 views

The biggest and most respected Eurovision Song Contest predictive tool is back! The 2007 BigPoll launches tonight at 00:00 CET (11pm UK time). The poll relies on our readers accurately predicting the outcome of the Eurovision Song Contest and the semi final, we ask you to predict the finishing order of the participating countries. The BigPoll will allow you to predict the result of the semi final, and as soon as the Eurovision Song Contest semi final is over, you will be able to predict the result of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest Final.

In response to many suggestions from readers, this year the poll has been redesigned and will be easier to use and clearer to read. For the first time, we will be introducing a simple 'drag and drop' interface so you can see the order of your predictions clearly on screen, in much the same way that you see countries move up the Eurovision Song Contest scoreboard during the voting.

Remember, we are asking you to predict the result, not vote for your favourite song (we will be doing that at a later date!). You are free to take into account political, neighbourly and diaspora voting, betting odds and preview shows. You can change and update your votes until the poll closes at 17:00 on Thursday 10th May.

All the instructions will be published tomorrow night, so don't forget to log in and register your 2007 BigPoll votes after midnight (CET) tomorrow.