Spain: Ruth Lorenzo among the sharks!

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The Spanish representative fulfilled a promise and she finally overcame her fear of sharks and swam among them.

Ruth Lorenzo had promised that if she was selected to sing for Spain in the upcoming 2014 Eurovision Song Contest she would would fight her fear of sharks.

Well, she is, at present, the artist who will carry the Spanish flag in Copenhagen in May… So it was time to fulfill that promise.

This morning Ruth went to the Madrid Zoo Aquarium to jump into the pool and swim among different species of sharks: sand tiger shark, nurse shark, grey reef shark… Before diving into her worst nightmare, Ruth took a stroll around the zoo. And it was clear that she preferred the pandas…

When the moment of truth came, Ruth spend some time with the experts before getting geared up for the sharks tank. She was accompanied in this experience by Karlos Simón (shark expert) and Pablo Montoto (caretaker of the Madrid Zoo Aquarium).

After a moment of hesitation, Ruth stated through Twitter that a promise is a promise. And she just jumped in and faced those animals that she fears the most: the sharks.

Once back on the ground and recovered from the experience, Ruth said that she had had a tough time. I have cried and made a fuss. But she made it…

The whole challenge was described in the eurovision_tve Twitter.

Well, Ruth faced a fear and went through a tough experience. Now she has to go through another one: three minutes performing her hit Dancing in the rain in front of the Eurovision audience. Will it be as tough as the sharks? Only time will tell.

Ruth Lorenzo will sing Dancing in the rain for Spain in the Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

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Would you swim with sharks? What’s your worst fear? Would you face it if you got to sing at the Eurovision Song Contest? Please do not forget to leave a comment in the section below.

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