Morocco: Samira Saïd releases new video

by Yann Messina 1,042 views

Arab music superstar Samira Saïd, who represented Morocco at the Eurovision Song Contest 1980 on the Kingdom’s sole appearance to date, released the music video of her latest hit Mazal.

Samira Saïd is making a spectacular comeback about five years after the album Ayaam hayati. The song Mazal, released a few months ago, made it clear: the diva is back for good with a very modern sound supported by lyrics in Moroccan Arabic language.

Over the past weeks, Samira gave her fans some previews of the video directed by Hadi Al Bajouri and eventually released it earlier today. The song was written, composed and distributed by Muhsin Tizaf. The much-anticipated video was filmed over a period of two days in Al Mansouria, Egypt.

Mazal is announcing Samira’s forthcoming album which final release date has not been decided yet.