Sweden selected two more songs

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Just now the new revamp Second Chance contest has started in Nyköping 8 song will battle it out in pairs and after this we will have the two last songs for next weeks big final of Melodifestivalen 2007.

Favourites to win to night are Nanne and Sonja Aldén but the big question is will the favourites stand or fall tonight? Let the show begin!

You can follow the show from this link: http://svt.se/svt/play/video.jsp?a=774265

The Second Chance has started and all the artists are in a competetive mode and will try their best to secure a ticket to the final in Globen next week. Kristian Luuk has just introduced the show to the audience in Rosvalla Eventcenter and to the TV-viewers. Time to see how this new formula works and keep those phones ringing in order to get your favourtie to Globen.

Elin Lanto was first out and did a magnificant performance in this Max Martin copy. She also changed her clothes from black to all white, Elin was more secure on stage this time she had lots of her fans in the audience cheering her on. Good performance in the first act, now the question is will Jessica do even better?

Between the songs the winners from the semifinals give their opinions on the songs tonight.

Jessica Andersson has decided not to change anything in her performance. She gave a strong performance with a very classy performance. Jessica sang her heart out for the ticket to Globen. The audience were clapping through the whole song and was cheering her on.

Time for the first voting, now everyone has to cast their votes for one of those two songs. A short reminder of each song is played and 1 minute to call before the results is revealed.

The winner of the first round is Jessica Andersson, Elin has been voted out of the contest.

Next battle is between Jimmy Jansson and his song Amanda and Sanna Nielsen with her song Vågar du, vågar jag.

Jimmy Jansson has changed clothes as well to a more mature look, he gave a secure performance on stage as well. It seems that all artists are giving everything and taking this very seriously. All girls in the audience are going wild during this song waving their ballons and screeming.

Sanna Nielsen singing the only real schlager tonight. Sanna has changed her clother a little but otherwise the performance is the same is in the semi. The build up of the song reminds us of Invincible from last year. Sanna has a very strong voice and she is showing this tonight. People are going wild over Sannas performance and the biggest round of applause so far this evening ends it.

The winner of the second round is Sanna Nielsen, Jimmy Jansson has been voted outof the contest. Sanna Nielsen will know meet Jessica Andersson and this will decide who will go to Globen.

Time for the third round between Irma & Uno and there song Godmorgon and Sonja Aldén with her song För att du finns.

Irma in a new dress and Uno has changed his glasses. The performance is very good they both looks calm and relaxed and singing very well. Irma seems to be enjoying this even more than last time so perhaps we will see her in Melodifestivalen as a solosinger next year.

Sonja is looking wonderful on stage. The performance was really good and this is a really nice ballad. The audience was waving their hands during the whole song so this is the most exciting voting of the evening.

The third round of voting is starting and ofcourse we get a quick reminder of the two songs. Then a short interwiev with Irma, Uno and Sonja.

The winner of the third round is Sonja Aldén, Irma & Uno have been voted out of the contest.

Time for the last round between Nanne Grönvall and Magnus Ugglas……who will it be …..who will it be??

Nanne is first out on stage in a new red dress and the choir in black. As always Nanne is magnicificant on stage and deliver the song in the best possible way, the problem is the song it is not the best song she has performed at Melodifestivalen, will people compare this to Håll om mig? Nannes performance is almost like Tina Turner, she gets a very warm round of applause.

Magnus Uggla is just himself on stage giving the best performance he can, but the song don't feel that fresh anymore , Nanne gave a better performace the Magnus was doing tonight. Will Magnus fans give him the victory or will he loose as the last time he took part in 1979. The audience seems to like to song anyway and gave him a good round of applause.

Fourth round of televoting now takes place and everyone has one question who will it be? Nanne and Magnus are now being interviewed by Kristian and he is offering them massage and they both accept.

The winner of the fourth round is Magnus Uggla, Nanne has been voted out of the contest. Magnus will now compete against Sonja Aldén in the next round.

Now its time for the round between Jessica Andersson and Sanna Nielsen, Jessica is first out on stage doing the same performance again but a little bit more nerves this time.

Kristian Luuk and Christer Björkman are now talking about who they came up with the format for the Second Chance.

Sanna Nielsen is now taking stage to perform her song Vågar du, vågar jag. Sanna looking relaxed and the audience is clapping hands and cheering her on, once again she delivers a very strong performance this will be a very tricky choice for the public to make.

Time for another round of voting, this will decide which song will take the first ticket to Globen tonight. First we will have the secound round between Sonja Aldén and Magnus Uggla. The results will not be revealed yet.

First out on stage is Sonja Aldén singing her wonderful ballad För att du finns, she will sing her heart out for that ticket to Globen. Last performance tonight is Magnus Uggla performing För Kung och Fosterland, nothing special with the performance but it¨s an Uggla song and he has a lot of fans.

Time to pick your favourites of Sonja Aldén and Magnus Ugglas.

Time to reveal the two last songs for Globen.

First song to Globen is Sanna Nielsen with her song Vågar du, vågar jag.

The last song for Globen is Sonja Aldén with För att du finns.

Those were all the semi finals of Melodifestivalen 2007, now we have 10 songs for the Globen final next week when Sweden will select it's song for Helsinki.

See you all in Globen next week for the Final of MELODIFESTIVALEN 2007.

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