Teapacks: Salam Salami is wrong for Eurovision

by Itamar Barak 193 views

A day before the Israeli national final and a day after the clips were recorded in the IBA's studios, Teapacks' leader, Kobi Oz, reveals to Ynet.co.il which member of the band won't be performing on stage in Helsinki and his feelings on the songs.

"We wanted to show the real Israeli person, from allof his aspects. It starts with the hot blooded one in 'Push the Button', who is about to erupt on you every minute. Then there's'12 Points', which tellshow we, Israelis, always have to win, through the prism of Eurovision. 'Voulez vous' is a nostalgic look on the common Israeli riffraff", this is how Kobi Oz describes the songs in the national final tomorrow.

"The song'Salamsalami' wasnot supposed to enter the final. Weincluded another song, with lyrics from the bible. Whenit was brought to our knowledge that it was against the contest's regulations, we replaced it with 'Salam salami'. We believe thissong isnot suitable for the Eurovision Song Contest and hope it won't be chosen. But if itdoes, we will perform it with allour love". Oz also said that he feels Push the button will triumph.

When asked whether he does not feel the songs too locally relevant, Kobi Oz replied: "I believe Israel is a test case for situations the whole world will have to deal with in the future. So our songs are a kind of 'news from the front'".

When asked whetherthe choice of English and French in the songs is in order to make them more applicable to foreign earsOz, who wrote all the songs,replied:"We do wish to convey at least some of our message to the international audience, before we break to rap in Hebrew, which is difficult to listen to, to foreigners.The choice of French is natural to me. It is my first language. I spoke French and Tunisian at home. I only learned Hebrew later on, in kindergarten".

Since there are 7 members in Teapacks, and the Eurovision Song Contest's regulations stipulate that only 6 artists are allowed on stage, a draw had to be taken in order to determine which member will not take the stage in Helsinki. Noam Yankelewitz, Teapacks' keyboard player, was drawn and will not join his friends on stage. Nevertheless, he will accompany his fellows in Helsinki in all their activities and sit in the Green room with them.

The Israeli national final with Teapacks will be broadcasted tomorrow on IBA at 21:30 (local time). The winning song will be performed by Teapacks in the semifinal in Helsinki, on May 10th.

Go to Ynet.co.il to watch pictures from the national final's clips.

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