Swiss DJ BoBo can fill album with his vampires

by Steve Holyer 131 views

DJ BoBo introduced the video of his new song and Eurovision Song Contest entry for Switzerland last week. The song is called Vampires are alive and the video features more than 50 dancers interpreting the song. The Swiss artist plans to make the vampire motif a central part of his next album and concert tour similar to the way pirates played a starring role in his well received “Pirates of Dance” tour. The Swiss showman was working on a “lost in space” theme in parallel but discarded it finally for Vampires are alive.

DJ BoBo told the Blick newspaper, "We originally had two concepts on the table; the first dealt with a spaceship that was stranded on an unknown planet". BoBo soon realised however that the outer-space theme was cold and lacked emotion which is when he decided to go with the vampires. "Our vampires have feeling. They live. These vampires are so rich that we can fill our next album with them," the DJ said in an interview with the very popular tabloid-style newspaper.

DJ BoBo will appear on ERT in the Greek national final on Wednesday 28th February which will also be webcast. However he is scheduled to premier the live performance of Vampires are alive the 10th of March on the popular Swiss lottery/entertainment programme Benissimo. That should be the fans' first idea of how the artist known for fantastic stage spectacles will downsize his large cast of dancers to have only six performers on stage as required by the Eurovision Song Contest rules. But, viewers shouldn't expect a horror show; DJ BoBo also told the Blick, "We won't let the blood flow. We're going to orient ourselves less towards 'Dracula' and more towards the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'."

One thing is certain; the DJ can count on meeting one "sweet transvestite" in Helsinki. He has listened to all the songs that are already available, and he was very impressed with Drama queen from Denmark, calling the song very "strong and impressive".

You can see the promotion video of Vampires are alive by clicking the play icon below.

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