Melodifestivalen 4th Semifinal – the results

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Just minutes ago the last semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2007 started in Gävle. Läkerol Arena is crowded with around 8000 people ready to cheer on their favourites, 8 acts will battle it out for two tickets to Globen and two tickets to the Second Chance final in Nyköping. Big favourites tonight are Andreas Johnson, Magnus Ugglas and After Dark.

The opening act is about to finish and Kristian Luuk is will now introduce the show to thewild audience inLäkerol Arenaand to the TV-viewersin the same style as we have seen for the past weeks. The 8 acts a bit nervous behind stage but ready to take on this big challenge. There has been many speculations as usual on the results tonight, will we have any surprises or will everything end as the bookies say with Andreas Johnson and Magnus Uggla to Globen? Stay tuned to and you will get the resultsas well as interviews with the winners and loosers after the show.

You can watch the show live over the internet from this link:


First song tonight was from the 53 year old Magnus Ugglas performing his song För Kung och Fosterland (For King and Country). The song is a very typical "Uggla" song , a little marching with a funny text. A good performance with a good response from the audience. Magnus participated in Melodifestivalen in 1979 with the song Johnny the rocker and came last. Will he finish any better this time?

Next up the newcomer Emile Azar who actually lives in the Gävle area and has never been a stage before, he got an enormous reception from the audience. Emile sang Vi hade nåt (We had something) this is a little boyband song. He did a very good performance and the loudest round of applause so far.

Swedish powerschlager on stage with Sanna Nielsenand Vågar du, vågar jag (If you dare, I dare) these kind of songs are always very popular and it is very Swedish. Sanna has one of the best voices tonight and she did a very good performance and of course people went wild as all Swedes do when we hear this type of songs.

Time for Janis Joplin or should we say Caroline af Ugglas singing her own song Tror på dig (I believe in you). Not the best voice tonight, Caroline seemed a bit nervous. A very special song for Melodifestivalen so this will be very interesting to see how it will do in the televoting.

Time for some funny lyrics and a great show. After Dark performing Å när ni tar saken i egna händer (Oh when you take matters in you own hands) well the song i very funny if you get the lyrics and the papers has been filled with articles about this masturbation song. 4 big tv-stars are joining in from 3 videoscreens and people loved it in the hall.

Next up a powerful voice in a powerful ballad. Sarah Dawn Finer was singing I remeber love. This is a gospel balled in a beautiful stage setting. She sang absolutely stunning and this is considered to be a dark horse tonight. A great round of applause finished off the performance.

Italo disco is back or is it? Well in Melodifestivalen anyway. Verona has just performed La musica and this was the first song ever in Melodifestivalen to performed in Italian. The performance was a bit average and she wasn't in love with the camera as much as she would have needed.

Time for the 32nd and last song in this years Melodifestival. Andreas Johnson performed A little bit of love which has a very 60's touch over it. Andreas is a star on stage and delivered a great performance. The song is catchy and the audience clapped hands through the song. The biggest response of the evening finished the last song off. Well there you have it, who is in and who is out?

The first round of televoting will now take place, this will eliminate 3 songs from the contest.

The following three songs has been elminated from the contest:

  • Emile Azar – Vi hade nåt
  • Caroline af Ugglas – Tror på dig
  • Verona – La Musica

The following songs are still in the running:

  • Magnus Uggla – För Kung och Fosterland
  • Sanna Nielsen – Vågar du så vågar jag
  • After Dark – Å när ni tar saken i egna händer
  • Sarah Dawn Finer – I remeber lover
  • Andreas Johnson – A little bit of love

Now the second round of televoting starts. This will decide which two songs qualify for Globen and which two songs goes to Andras Chansen in Nyköping next week.

This is the ranking of the 3 eliminated songs: 6th Caroline af Ugglas, 7th Emile Azar and 8th was Verona.


To the final:

  • Sarah Dawn Finer – I remember lover
  • Andreas Johnson – A little bit of love

To andra chansen:

  • Magnus Uggla – För Kung och Fosterland
  • Sanna Nielsen – Vågar du så vågar jag

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