Dusty Cowshit speak to esctoday.com

by Marcus Klier 78 views

Dusty Cowshit, contestants in tomorrow's Melodi Grand Prix 2007, the Norwegian national final, spoke to esctoday.com managing director Barry Viniker about their participation, their hats and their song Chicken rodeo.

You've done a few Eurovision covers in your time. You're obviously big Eurovision fans. What made you get involved this year?
“It's the first time that we've had our own song. We've done all these covers and we've combined songs, like we did two songs and medleys. Now this year, it has to be us. We like to take songs, put them in a big pot, stir them round and you get us”!

This country/cowboy style music seems to be getting more popular in Europe, there were three country songs that qualified in Romania, one in the Malta semi-final. What do you think is behind this rise in popularity?
“Everybody loves to wear a hat, but they just need an excuse to wear it. That's all you need!”

Will there be any changes on Saturday from the semi final performance?
“No, more or less we'll be sharper. More dancing, well more accurate dancing, make sure we prounce everything correctly. It's a lot of work.”

In terms of what happens if you win, what do you have planned for Norway and the rest of Europe?
“We're gonna have a beer and then we're gonna hammer it out, I think that's the plan.”

Do you think you have a strong chance of winning on Saturday?
“Of course! Yeeeehhaaaaaaah!

Are there any plans for an album any time soon?
“Well, if we pull this one MPG off, we have to. We're getting a lot of radio play with this one already, so we may have to”.

If you're not successful on Saturday, is this something that you would like to come back to and try again?
“Absolutely, I'm ready now. Eurovision is a big circus, it's fun, it's glam, it's colours and it's a big party. We love that, we are a party”.

What are your favourite Eurovision songs?
“Ghengis Khan is a big favourite, we do love the Norweigan songs, we did Bobbysocks on our second album! La det singer.”

Do you have a message for your fans and esctoday.com readers?
“Grab your hats and off we go!!! Off we go to the rodeo in Helsinki!”

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