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Gunars Kalnins and Jolanda Suvorova were runners up at the first Eirodziesma 2007 semi-final receiving 5840 televotes for their song What a love can do to me. In an interview to Latvian editor Aija Medinika, Gunars tells about his musical preferences, experiences and things that could sweep him off his feet.

Congratulations on getting to the final! Some time ago you stated that you are not going to participate in Eirodziesma again. What made you change your mind?

“Thank you! Still I have not changed my opinion. Maybe this collaboration with Jolanda was the reason. We are good friends for more than 8 years. And this is kind of celebration of our friendship. Although, we have worked in some projects before, we have not done duet. And� here we go!”

What have you been up to since your last participation in Eirodziesma?

“I followed my heart and formed a gospel choir �gg choir�. And there I feel most comfortable. Also I did some music for documentary films; sharing a gift of music and background arrangements with my friends � so, working as a producer. I also have my band and jazz project. Was participating in few musical shows as artist, which turned into writing whole musical for �Musical Theatre 7�. And I am very, very proud of it.”

You have been on stage for more than 20 years and have a long experience as a performer and musician. What is your opinion about the variety of songs selected to compete to enter the Latvian final?

“I really liked But most of all, I am very proud – that Malvine get in semi-final. She is from my family � gospel choir. ”

Your performance was attractive and colourful, as well as your duet. Could you tell our readers more about the preparation for the semi � final?

“Thank you. I cannot say anything, except � I am enjoying it, because I love those people who are involved in the project.”

If you have time for daydreaming, could you imagine you winning the Latvian final? How would it affect and influence you plans for the coming months?

“Let`s talk about that after 24th February”

What are your musical preferences in general?

“Well, I do not know� I just do my thing and feel so very blessed, that God gives me a gift to fill my heart with music. Which means � rehearsals at theatre, church with gospel choir, with band, working as a producer, as a composer for theatre� what was dream yesterday, today it is the reality� Yet�”

Quoting the lyrics of the song a little bit� What can get you off your feet?

“Actually, I am afraid, that there are just few things what leave me cold. I still go my way and cannot stop wondering about everything.”

Any message for readers and your fans?

“I am very honoured that you enjoy the song. Every single songwriter could be, and I bet they are very touched, that their songs can reach people � their hearts and their minds. That is why I wanna THANK YOU!” wants to wish the performers the best of luck for the Lativan national final.

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