Netherlands: Edsilia speaks out

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The Dutch representative for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest Edsilia Rombley was interviewed tonight by a Dutch local radiostation about participation at the 2007 competition. She finally revealed some details about the songs she will sing next Sunday during Mooi! Weer het Songfestival!.

Edsilia was interviewed by Stadsradio Breda, a local radiostation which aired a top 50 of songs which competed during the Dutch National finals since 1956. The show was hosted byFrank Mol and Niña van Dijk, one of the threeTreble-members who represented the Netherlands last year at the Eurovision Song Contest.Edsilia was asked if there was a difference between the preparations of 1998 and this year.

"This year I'm much more involved than in 1998. I really want to do it my way this time. I can choose the song myself, I will choose my own outfit; I really want it to be my thing". Edsilia was asked to participate again this year, although she was busy doing other things. 'As you know I was planning a theater tour and I was very busyrecording my forthcoming album "Meer dan ooit" when I was approached by Dutch broadcaster NOS. At that time we just decided to add "Hemel en aarde" on the album as well, since it never made it to an album of mine.Then Idecided; Why not? I will do it again!".

Edsilia further revealed that she will sing 3 songs coming Sunday during Mooi! Weer het Songfestival!. All of the songs will be sung in Dutch as she told before already. "I will choose the song for Helsinki myself. The audience is allowed to give its opinion about the songsand there will be a panel of advisors as well. But in the end, it's up to me! It feels great I got this kind of freedom; this way I'm able toselect a song which is most suitable for me!".

Edsilia selected 3 pop songs for the National Final: "The Eurovision Song Contest has changed a lot through the years, and I didn't want tocome witha 'typical' Eurovision song. Been there, done that! And besides, these last few years the songs with 'Eurovision' written all over them, don'toften make itto the top ten anymore!".

Edsiliamade clearas well that at least one of the three songs would be a ballad. However, she isn't sure yet if she will also sing the elected song in Dutch in Helsinki. "I got so many reactions on the fact that I wanted to sing in Dutch! I'm not sure yet which language it will become in May. I still have some time to think about that before my record company and I will decide".

At the end of the show, it turned out that Hemel en Aarde was elected by the Dutch fans as all time favourite National Songcontest song. Edsilia was thrilled to hear that and she thanked all the people who voted for her song. The Dutch National Final will take place this Sunday during a special broadcast of Mooi! WeerDe Leeuw! For this special occasion, the show will berebaptized into Mooi! Weer het Songfestival!.

The show will be hosted by Paul de Leeuw and will start at 20.20 pm. Due to the disappointing20th placeof Treblein the 2006 semi final, Edsilia Rombley will have to qualify for the final of 2007first.

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