Song For Europe 2007- Press awards

by Yiorgos Kasapoglou 58 views

Our partner website organised the 2nd edition of Song for Europe- Press Awards. In this edition the awards honour the composer and the author of the chosen song. Once again Olivia Lewis after no fewer than 11 attempts at the Maltese selections is living her own Vertigo.

Our maltese partner website has invited all the press members to vote at the second edition of Song for Europe- Press Awards. The three categories were: Best overall performance, Best entry ( shared by the author and composer 50-50) and Best New Comer. Here are the results:

Best overall performance

Vertigo – Olivia Lewis (77)
Starlight – Trilogy (63)
My love – Isabelle (45)

Best entry

Vertigo – Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg (638)
Starlight – Paul Abela / Joe Julian Farrugia (625)
L- ImHabba Ghamja – Aldo Spiteri, Trevor Fenech / Claudia Faniello (565)

Best new comer


A more detailed result will be published soon at our partner website

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