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The first Melodifestivalen semifinal is over and we have the first to songs for Globen as well as two songs to “Andra Chansen”. Sweden did once again go for the more traditional songs and leaft all the modern songs except Elin Lanto's “Money” outside the competition.

The first semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2007 is over and it became – just likeeveryone thought -a fight between a more modern sound and the more traditional Swedish "Schlager" sound. The Swedish people seems to know exactly how they think their Melodifestivalen winners should sound like.

Record company Director Bert Karlsson said to that the Swedish people want moretraditional schlager songs in Melodifesitalven and that they probably will vote all for all the schalger songs in the contest.

– It's positive that SVT wants different kind of music in the contest and that they are trying to make it more modern. However, they have taken it too far this year and it'stime that they add more schlager and pop to Melodifestivalen!

After the first short round of televoting three songs were eliminated; Andreas Lundstedt with "Move", Addis Black Widow with "Clubbin" and Sofia Berntson with "Hypnotized". Then everyone had another 10 minutes to cast their televotes again. This was an interesting elimination since all these three songs had a sound that is more of 2007 and it's interesting to see that once again Sweden has voted them off. Will this be the case for the next semi-finals as well? Then perhaps there is a need for some changes in the voting system if SVT wants to send a more up to date song to Eurovision or if they are fine with the peoples choice. Almost all the songs becomes big hits in Sweden anyway even if you don't get voted to the final in Globen.

Andreas Lundstedt, who finishted in sixth place, looked dissappointed after being eliminatedand told that he had hoped for a better result.

– I am satisfied with my performance but had hoped for a more positive result tonight. Anyway, my dancers and I will rule on the dancefloor tonight. Just like we have done all other nights here in Jönköping.

Sofia Berntson, who ended up seventh, said to that she were very satisfied with her performance and that she actually never believed that she would be able to go through to the final.

– I am happy that I got a chance to show the Swedish audience who I am and what I can deliver on stage. I have a single out any day now and feel that I have started something for myslef.

The winners, Tommy Nilsson with "Jag tror på människan" and Anna Book with "Samba sambero", were both thrilled about the result! Anna couldn'tstoptelling the presshow happy she felt. While speaking to she became very emotional and mentioned her belated father.

– He is with me in my heart and I am so happy that he and my mom raised me to become who I am. I believe that my positive energy on stage and that I always deliver from the heart put me in the final, Anna said and dried her tears.

– I really feel like a winner! This is my third time and it feels like "third time lucky"! The last time I entered the contest I ended up in the last position. Tonight it feels so much better!

Tommy Nilsson told that he felt nervous during the performance. Afterwards he felt relieved and satisfied.

– It was a great to feel the positive respons from the audience. I am thrilled!

Elin Lanto was the clear winner in our poll earlier today with her song "Money". She told the press after the show that she didn't allow her self to have any expectations before the contest.

– This was my best performance with the song! I can't see that I could have done anything differently tonight. I am happy to have had the chance to show the public that I am more than a singer and that I am able to deliever a show like this. Melodifestivalen is the biggest thing I've done so far!

Elin Lanto will be joined in "Andra Chansen" in Nyköping by the duo Uno and Irma and their song "God morgon".

– We are satisfied with the respons we received. Performing after all the other artists felt good and made us calm. We look forward to perform again in Nyköping!

The final results are:

To Globen:

1. Tommy Nilsson – Jag tror på människan

1. Anna Book – Samba Sombero

The two songs for "Andra chansen" are:

3. Elin Lanto – Money

3. Uno & Irma – Godmorgon

The eliminated songs are: (in ranking order by televotes)

5. Andersson & Gibson – Anything but you

6. Andreas Lundstedt – Move

7. Sofia Berntsson – Hypnotized

8. Addis Black Widow – Clubbin

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