Olivia Lewis to Helsinki!

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The Maltese final is about to start. Six songs made it through a tough semi final on Thursday and tonight one of them is going to be televoted to Helsinki, to represent Malta at the next Eurovision Song Contest.

Live webcast will be provided here



Bollywood like dance act opens tonight's Maltese final for the Eurovision song contest 2007, like in the semi final. The presenters entered with a boogie woogie and now Fabrizio Faniello is on stage performing I do, his winning song last year. Fabrizio follows with his latest hit Love me or leave me.

They are doing interviews on stage. Kevin Borg was first followed by Klinsman and now it's SCAR's turn. Maltasong looks very young all of sudden! Olivia Lewis on stage now sitting on the interviewing sofa. Pamela with her backing group interviewed now. And finally it's Trilogy's turn. Maybe after these appetizers we can get to the main course?

Well, no. It's time for a comedy act…

The presenters are back on stage and J Anvil just performed his edited version of Hard rock hallelujah and after one hour, it looks like we are finally set to hear the songs!

Kevin Borg – Whenever

Kevin Borg with his pianist and two dancers gave a good performance of his soft ballad in true Eurovision style. The stage was mainly blue and purple and the dancer engaged themselves to some rather acropatic movements. He received a warm applause.

Klinsmann ColeiroShe gives me wings

Klinsman on stage now with his drummer and basist. Wearing a red uniform like jacket and his 1960's Brit pop song one can only think of the Beatles and Sgt. Pepper. Very unusual song for Maltasong for Europe, fresh and happy. He received a good applause too.

SCAR – As long as you know

Now on stage SCAR. This song and performance is very far from Eurovision bubble gum pop so often associated with Malta's Eurovision efforts. Jeans and t-shirt are the order of the day and the band does a rock concert performance with hands in the air sing-a-long attempts with the audience.

Olivia Lewis – Vertigo

Olivia Lewis on stage now with her song that could be called oriental flamenco pop. Wearing a kimono inspired dress with stripes she gives a lively dramatic performance of this theatral song with a dancer and drum player. A touch of Japan with samurais and geishas in this performance and huge applause! The crowd stood on their feet for some parts of the song and gave her standing ovation.

Pamela – All about a live

Pamela and her excellent backing group on stage now. Hints of gospel in this midtempo ballad that underlines the great vocals of both Pamela and the choir, that starts the song sitting on stools but later joined Pamela oncentre stage.

Trilogy Starlight

Trilogy on stage now last but not least. She starts the song alone and the guys join her from the sides. Wearing operatic dresses and simple but effective setting. The song is definitely something you would find in a typical Eurovision line up but after Lordi can we really talk about a typical Eurovision line up at all?

The lines are now open to vote!

1. Kevin Borg Whenever 5061 5001 (SMS) 5004 3021 (Televoting)
2. Klinsmann Coleiro She gives me wings 5061 5002 5004 3021
3. SCAR As long as you know 5061 5003 5004 3021
4. Olivia Lewis Vertigo 5061 5004 5004 3021
5. Pamela All about a life 5061 5005 5004 3021
6. Trilogy Starlight 5061 5006 5004 3021

We can now wait for the results, during the interval, Ruslana will be performing a 45 minute concert.

esctoday.com has learnt that technical faults meant Pamela's song had no sound duning the television broadcast on Maltese television. We are awaiting a comment from the Song Board.

And the winner is……..

3. Klinsmann Coleiro- She gives me wings

2. Trilogy-Starilght

1. Olivia Lewis- Vertigo

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