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Super Saturday is here and more than a quarter of participating countries at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest are gearing up for a live show tonight. Four finals and nine semi finals will be taking place this evening and is ready to bring you all the news from the shows featuring live commentary and the results as soon as they are known. For Super Saturday, there is only one place to be, and that is here with, your daily Eurovision news centre.

The arrangements are in place, editorial teams from Iceland to Malta are in place, covering events live and bringing you all the latest news. from across the continent. As always, we invite you to tune in on television or via the webcasts available and follow the shows with You can post your comments and discuss the shows with other readers in our reactions sections.

Slovenia, Malta, Poland and Estonia will provide the thriving Eurovision Song Contest community with the latest round of songs to be confirmed forthe 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.All four winning entries will take their place in the line-up for the Eurovision Song contest semi-final on 10th May.

Lithuania and Finland continue their round selection process whilst Bulgaria, Iceland, Norway, Latvia, Romania and Spain complete the showcasing of their entries before moving to the final stages. Sweden's award winning Melodifestivalen finally gets underway tonight and has already provided much debate in the reactions sections of our coverage.

Each show has a dedicated page on for you to see who is competing, how the selection works and how to find the show on satelite or webcast. Click here for a menu of Super Saturday shows.

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