Introducing: Eurovision Super Saturday

by Benny Royston 70 views

This saturday, the Eurovision Song Contest season will fly off the wall, with live shows from enough countries to fill more than hald the final scoreboard! No less than 13 countries will be airing their live finals or semi finals, and esctoday will of course, be covering them all! With 13 countries featuring in the busiest international night before Helsinki, let's prepare for the Eurovision Song Contest selection season's very own Super Saturday!

Slovenia, Malta, Poland and Estonia will provide the thriving Eurovision Song Contest community with the latest round of songs to be confirmed for Helsinki, all four winning entries will take their place in the line-up for the Eurovision Song contest semi-final on 10th May. Lithuania and Finland continue their round selection process whilst Bulgaria, Iceland, Norway, Latvia, Romania and Spain complete the showcasing of their entries before moving to the final stages. Add Sweden's award winning Melodifestivalen to the mix as the most popular national final of them all kicks off and you have 13 countries providing enough entertainment to last a month!

With so many competing shows, different selection procedures and musical tastes and styles, we're taking a quick preview of what Super Saturday has to offer!

Lithuania have joined Spain in going for an unorthodox approach this year. The second of three quarter finals were supposed to take place for newcomers, semi-established and established perfomers respectively. Since two of the singers who would have competed in the "red" group have withdrawn, the songs of the third heat are directly qualified for the semi finals. Furthermore, the Litunianian broadcaster has also commissioned two entries to be directly qualified for the final. The voting is a mixture of televoting (50%) and a jury (50%). Got it? We're not sure we have either, but all should become clear by the weekend!

Week three in Finlandsees another three acts peform two songs, before they all move forwards to the final with the more popular as decided by the public and their communications tools. Iceland hold their third and final semi final sending the last three songs to the final final to be held on February 17th.

Slovenia and Malta are yet to start their semi finals, but by Saturday night, both will be ready. Malta will present 14 songs on Thursday night with six proceding to the new and improved Malta Song for Europe festival where the public will select the Island's latest entry. Slovenia will start their final with 14 songs, and ending with a straight televote-off between the top two at the end of the first voting period.

Thank heavens for Poland, who are holding a straight final with ten songs and no complications, a nice simple televote will determine the winner, except the televote will be divided into regions which caused a slight problem last year… (in Cyprus).

And in Sweden, we begin the Road to Globen with the first eight acts bidding to follow Carola to the Eurovision Song Contest. This is all straight forwards until the second chance round 'face-off', with the top two moving directly to the final and the next two highest placed songs taking their place in the battle royale on the 3rd March.

So, as we prepare the countdown to Super Saturday, we ask you: Are there too many shows on one day, and are the selection procedures getting to complicated?

Even the most dedicated Eurovision Song Contest fans will struggle to watch all the finals on Saturday night, or for that matter by Sunday night even if they are all available to watch online for the rest of the weekend. Do you find the selection procedures are getting too complicated? Have your say in the reactions section below.