Live now: second Norwegian semi final

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Norway's second semi final is live and underway in Bodo. The webcast of the show is in fine quality. Two more songs will qualify for the Melodi Grand Prix final on February 10th and two more will go to the second chance round on 8th February.

Melodi Grand Prix

Eight songs will compete in the final to be held on 10th February. Six songs will have qualified from the three semi finals while the seventh and the eight entry will have been chosen through a second chance round. The first semi final will take place in Alta. The top two songs will go directly to the final while the third and fourth placed participants will enter a second chance round.

Webcast / satellite information

A webcast will be provided on NRK's official website here.

Satellite information:

NRK1: Thor 1°W – 12520 /17550 (encoded)

The songs

You can listen to the songs by clicking here, courtesy of NRK.

  1. Guri Schanke – Ven a bailar conmigo
  2. Hazen – Better than this
  3. Malin Schavenius – Under stjernene
  4. Andreea – I wanna be with you
  5. Amelia – Unbelieveable
  6. Dusty Cowshit – Chicken rodeo

You can find the complete line-up of the three semi finals and the songs that have already qualified or entered the second chance round here.

Norway finished 14th in Athens with Christine Gulbrandsen's Alvedansen. Therefore, the winner of Meldodi Grand Prix 2007 will have to enter the semi final in Helsinki.

Guri Schanke
opens the show tonight withVen a bailar conmigo, the European Swede, Thomas G:son wrote the text and music. The song is well performed with a samba style dance routine. Guri is flanked by two tall strapping dancers moving smoothly around the stage with her…. The first live costume change of the night looks to have put the song into the final before the other songs are performed. Guri,who has more than a passing resembles to Dame Julie Walters,switches into a red/pink ballroom gown before being hoisted for the finale by the dancers.

Hazen with Betterthan this present song two. A rock song somewhere between Shania Twain and Evervescence, it's the leather mini-dress and boots combo from the lead singer. The camera work is taking advantage of a good set and vocally, the entry is strong.

Song three is by Malin Schavenius who performs Under stjernene. The set goes pink to match the Malin's maternity top and the song is a traditional schlager dance track. Traditional Eurovision choreograhy with four backing singers flanking Malin, who is the first artist of the night to use the catwalk into the audience.

Half way through the acts and it's off to Norway's greenroom, which is coloured blue this year. The host talks to Hazen and Dusty Cowsh1t.

Andreea performs song number four, I wanna be with you. It's the first slow song of the night, with three woman and two men in the backing chorus standing in line to Andreea's left. The song is in contrast to the first three tonight but is arguably the weakest perforance.

Amelia performs Unbelieveable as the fifth song of the night. The singer, of musical stage experience. The song opens with a spanish guitar and a calming opening verse before the key change into the chorus in typical scandinavian style. The stage musical experience has a clear influence on the song and performance. A blue dress, gold broach, a wind machine and a strut down a gangway… was she watching the end of Melodifestivalen 2005?

Finally, the name every television bleeping machine has been waiting for, Dusty Cowshit are about to launch into the last song of the night… Chicken rodeo. Yippee ayeh yippee ayoh… Nashville Tennessee will be praying for flashfloods and an evacuation programme to Norway if this gets to the final… LT United in fancy dress with a random pirate thrown in, and a Mexican instrumental, it's all very interesting but no real explanation of the chicken theme in the title. The line dancing is more Macarena than traditional cowboy style, but the song has gone huge in the hall. It's all too much for the host, who is pretending to be Israel 'oy yoy yoy'.

The re-run of the songs with the televoting numbers is underway for what seems a much stronger semi final line-up to last week and some of the best songs performed in the heats across Europe so far.

The first song announced that qualfies for the final is Guri Schanke with Ven a bailar conmigo. She is singing a reprise of the song before the two second chance round songs are announced. Malin Schaveniuswith Under stjernene and Hazenwith Better than this qualify for the second chance round. The final song to qualify for the final is Dusty Cowshit – Chicken rodeo

Qualified for the final:

  • Guri Schanke – Ven a bailar conmigo
  • Dusty Cowshit – Chicken rodeo

Qualified for the second chance round:

  • Malin Schavenius – Under stjernene
  • Hazen – Better than this

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