Misión Eurovisión Gala 2: semi-finalists

by Victor Hondal 62 views

With the second show of Misión Eurovisión finished, we now know which artists have qualified for the semi-final to be held on February 6th. As we did last week, esctoday.com analyses the performances of the 5 entrants who have moved on to the next round: Nazaret, Mirela & Montse Mallorquín (selected by the viewers) and Paco Arrojo & Paraelissa (designated by Massiel and Mikel Herzog, advisors for the Spanish preselection process).

With a powerful performance of the Mónica Naranjo's song Sobreviviré, Nazaret rocked the stage tonight. Since the beginning of the voting round, this singer born in Ceuta was placed amongst the first places in the scoreboard. Nazaret was awarded 171 points, receiving maximum points from Aragon, Cantabria, Murcia, Navarre, Basque Country, La Rioja and Ceuta.

The youngest entrant tonight (16 years old) chose the most ESC-related song for her performance tonight: My number one, Helena Paparizou's winner from 2005. Mirela, who took part at Eurojunior 2004, the Spanish preselection for Junior Eurovision 2004, earned 164 points and became the runner-up tonight. Mirela, born in Aranjuez a town in greater Madrid, received 12 points from both Galicia and Madrid.

A good voice, a powerful performance and an effective song were the main Montse's weapons to secure third place and the last spot qualified for the semi-final. Singing an arabic-inspirated song, Ojos así, from Shakira, gave Montse 104 points. Both archipelagos, the Balearic and the Canary Islands, gave her their 12 points, as well as the Autonomous Town of Melilla.

Only 4 points separated Paco from the podium tonight. In the end, the advisors, Massiel and Mikel Herzog, decided to rescue him and reward him with a place in the semifinal. Paco has been devoted to music for 10 years and, as he said in his presenting video, representing Spain in Eurovision would be a dream come true for him. Te quiero, te quiero earned 100 points, mostly from Extremadura (his native region), the 2 Castiles, Madrid and the Canary Islands.

The name of this group is taken from the Beethoven's composition For Elise, but their style is quite different. This rock band was not amongst the public's favourites tonight: Paraelissa only ranked 8th with 72 points–but the advisors clearly liked them. Castile-La Mancha and Madrid rewarded their performance, No me crees, with 10 points each .

On the other hand, the refreshed band La Década Prodigiosa (Spain 1988's heirs) was not lucky in the tonight's show and only could arrange 69 points, being placed on the 9th position in the final chart. They chose the song La chica que yo quiero (made in Spain) to perform.

The final results of the spanish televote were:


  • 01 NAZARET, 171
  • 02 MIRELA, 164
  • 04 PACO ARROJO, 100
  • 07 RUT MARCOS, 95
  • 08 PARAELISSA, 72
  • 10 ÉISAC, 51
  • 11 FRANK BRAVO, 49
  • 12 LOS AMANTES, 42
  • 13 TAHIS, 22
  • 14 MELO BAKALE, 17
  • 15 AGUSTÍN ASPA, 11

These five will join the first five chosen a week ago at the first Misión Eurovisión Gala: Santa Fé, Nessa, Miguel Cañadas, Póker and Gerard.

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