Dmitry Koldun recording in Greece

by Yiorgos Kasapoglou 111 views

Dmitry Koldun has been in Greece to record the vocals for the song that he'll submit at the Belarusian jury for the Eurofest selection. Dmitry's team probably will submit one more entry to the jury and together they'll decide which one he'll perform at Eurofest on 22nd January

Belarus has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest three times, debuting in 2004 in Istanbul – the year semi-finals were first used. Nevertheless, the country hasn't managed to proceed to the final. This year, Diana Gurtskaya, Dmitri "Dima" Koldunand The Project, the three winners of December's Eurofest, will compete at the Belarusian national final on Monday 22nd January to gain the ticket for Helsinki. Diana Gurtskaya, will sing How long; The Project S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R. . Dmitry's original submission, Get Up, was disqualified and he had to turn up with a new song.

Dmitry has just recorded his song, Work your magic', in Greece. It is composed by Philip Kirkorov, the Russian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1995 with the song Kolibelnaya dlya vulkana (Lullaby For A Volcano, 17th place), and lyrics by Karen Kavaleryan. The song is reminiscent of na aria, not a typical genre for Dmitry's, as he is using to perform rock tracks. However, his team is sure that this composition isquite suitable for him.

The title of the song is a word-play with the surname "Koldun" which means''magician'', and a stage presentation based on this is expected. Dmitry Koldun's team will prepare one more song and will submit both to the Belarusian jury, which together will select the final entry which will be performed at Eurofest selection on Monday 22nd January.

Last year in Athens Polina Smolova and her song Mum didn't manage to qualify to the final, so the winner of Eurofest will have to compete at the semifinal of the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest next May, 10th in Helsinki.

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