Greece: New video and theatrical venture for Anna Vissi

by Helio Qendro 140 views

Anna Vissi, the 1980 and 2006 Greek representative and also 1982 Cypriot representative in the Eurovision Song Contest has released a new music video and is also starring at a musical.

Anna Vissi, the greek diva presented the wide audience to her latest song, a sensational love ballad called Our everyday life(I kathimerinotita mas)two weeks ago and only today she completed her interpretation with a music video. The song received great public support reaching the #1 spot on Greek iTunes immediately.

Our everyday life ( I kathimerinotita mas)

Following her musical success is also an audio-visual spectacle where Anna is taking part in with Andonis Remos. The musical is called One or Nobody and it will be open for the audience starting from Thursday 12 December and every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to come. The collaboration is the most anticipated of the year according to the Greek press. Two top performers who have won the love of the world from their first steps, are scoring huge successes with a unique and special performance that sets new standards of entertainment in the city of Athens. The two popular artists come together to present a unique way of those who love them, their personal musical journeys which, under the directorial guidance of Giannis Kakleas, combine skillfully through small stories.

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