EBU: A pan-European survey

by Luke Borg 4,383 views

The Executive Supervisorof the Eurovision Song Contest Mr. Jon Ola Sand, has revealed that a survey will take place to increase the quality of the ESC.

5,000 people of age 16 upwards will take part in this survey to find out what can be improved in the Eurovision Song Contest. The people will be carefully picked and those who have a close connection to the contest will also take part such as bloggers, journalists and distinct fans.

Jon Ola Sand explains that the purpose for this survey is to know what is the perception of the contest in different countries and to create an audience profile. The information gathered from the surveys will then be implemented where possible mainly in the branding, viewing time, voting, hosts, interval acts…etc

Hopefully with these changes, the Eurovision will remain relevant, modern and attractive, Sand explains.

He also briefly talked about the 2015 edition, being the 60th anniversary of the contest. They are working towards creating something that will mark the event. It is a little early for details but Sand promised  it will be something that will properly pay tribute to the contest.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2014 will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 6th, 8th and 10th of May.

What’s your opinion about this survey?