EuroBlog Round-up (8th January)

by Steve Holyer 186 views

Germany's Michelle and Slovenia's Sebastian heat up Euroblogger's crystal ball with steamy pictures, plus a round-up of rumours and opinions on the Internet about the newly announced entrants from Cyprus and Isreal. And, this week Euroblogger takes a look (and a listen) over one of Norway's hopefuls.

You remember Euroblogger's 2007 New Year predictions from last week, right? Especially the one that went “… a German tabloid-style newspaper will uncover XXX-rated photos of another country's singer and plaster them across the front page.” So while everyone else was surprised, your precognitive Euroblogger was totally expecting to see Michelle clad in a very itsy, bitsy bikini smiling out from the front page of Germany's notorious Bild just two days later (online here).

Michelle represented Germany at everybody's favourite song contest in 2001; now the schlager star has been voted “Woman of the Year” by readers of the German edition of lad magazine Maxim. That was more than enough to give the Bild their weekly excuse to run a story on her – with pictures.

Ok, it's not an exact match for Euroblogger's prediction, but it's also only the first week of the year. Euroblogger's crystal ball is hot. Just wait until Cyprus and Greece exchange high scores, then you'll see,

Be sure to check out the reactions from last week's article (here) for your fellow readers' predictions. Among them, Chris Karanikos predicted “… The big four will still take up positions in the last 10, and the tradition of a new country winning ESC will continue.Mike Ward foresees Dervish “surprising many and doing impossibly badly.“. And, Mark Dunn thinks “Sweden will send the best song again – and not win.” Euroblogger wishes along with Greg Dunn (Greg, are you related to Mark?) that the Contest results in 2007 are such that all cries of 'friendly/neighbourly/diaspora/block voting' are effectively shutdown.

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