Sanremo 2007 artists and songs known

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The Sanremo Festival is once again in the hands of Pippo Baudo, legendary talent scout and the one who made Sanremo popular and succesful again in the early 1990s. In this his 12th festival he will be joined by always bubbly Michelle Hunziker (ex-Mrs Ramazzotti) on stage and have invited some of his friends along.

The first thing one may take note when looking at the list of the participants is not the unusual absence of Eurovision artists – only Al Bano and Antonella Ruggiero, ex-Matia Bazar are in – but the age of the performers.

Pippo himself is an always young at heart 71 year old nicknamed Superpippo, but Johnny Dorelli at 70 is not much younger. Milva, a true diva makes a welcome come back to Teatro Ariston at tender age of 68. Al Bano is 64, Roby Facchinetti (63) brings along his son Francesco who at 27 is the youngest of Campioni.Then we have the large group of 50-somethings: Marcella Bella who duets with her brother Gianni (63), Fabio Concato, Mango, Nada, Paolo Rossi, Antonella Ruggiero and the members of Stadio.

After some experimental and poorly rated years while Baudo wasn’t in charge Sanremo returns to its usual formula of two categories: The Big and the Newcomers. Baudo has found some well known names through his invention of Newcomers category: Laura Pausini, Andrea Bocelli, Eros Ramazzotti, Giorgiato name a few.

The 57th Sanremo festival starts February 27 and will go on for five nights prime time on RAIUNO until March 3, 2007. If Italy or RAI was participating in Eurovision Song Contest most likely the winner of this festival would be the one for Helsinki.

Big category:

  • Al Bano: Nel perdono
  • Leda Battisti: Senza me ti penterai
  • Gianni & Marcella Bella: Forever
  • Fabio Concato: Oltre il giardino
  • Simone Cristacchi: Ti regaleró una rosa
  • Johnny Dorelli: Meglio cosi
  • Francesco & Roby Facchinetti: Vivere normale
  • Amalia Gré: Amami per sempre
  • Mango: Chissá se nevica
  • Piero Mazzocchetti: Schiavo d’amore
  • Paolo Meneguzzi: Musica
  • Milva: The song must go on
  • Nada: Luna in piena
  • Paolo Rossi: In Italia si sta male
  • Antonella Ruggiero: Canzone fra le guerre
  • Daniele Silvestri: La paranza
  • Stadio: Guardami
  • Tosca: Il terzo fuochista
  • Velvet: Tutto da rifare
  • Zero Assoluto: Appena prima di partire

Newcomers category:

  • Elsa Lila: Il senso della vita
  • Fabrizio Moro: pensa
  • FSC: Non piangere
  • Grandi Animali Marini: Napoleone azzurro
  • Jasmine: La vita subito
  • Marco Baroni: L’immagine che ho di te
  • Mariangela: Ninna nanna
  • Patrizio Baú: Peccati di gola
  • Pier Cortese: Non ho tempo
  • Romina Falcomi: Ama
  • Sara Galimberti: Amore ritrovato
  • Khorakhané: La balata di Gino
  • Pquandro: Malinconiche sere
  • Stefano Centomo: Bivio

2006 Winner: Povia, Vorrei avere il becco

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