Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue to enter new songs

by Michael Kuipers 53 views

Finnish broadcaster YLE has today confirmed on it's site that Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue will get to enter two new songs to the Finnish national selection, Euroviisut, and blamed 'human error' for allowing Soft Is Selling and Lover Lover Lover get as far as they did. The band's management however told esctoday.com this morning that it may not be possible to do so in the short timeframe allowed!

Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue will have until February 10th, the day of their semi final, to get the new songs ready. It is a relief to the band as Jan Wilde told esctoday.com that "we're shocked…We don't know anything sure yet aboutwhat will happen. Our manager just called me and said everything's open and very confusing. It would be really sad if we can't continue becauseI ama big fan of Eurovision Song Contest we have been very excited about everything and done a lot of work".

The original songs were performed in public way before YLE's rules allowed, and were also released on a promotional EP in mid-2005, making them ineligible for Eurovision as well. esctoday.com contacted the band's management this morning and understand that it is intended that two new songs will be found, but that it is a very limited timeframe, so cannot be guaranteed:

"Let's see what happens, if it ispossible to deliver new songs we will try to do that. Time is limited, and if we can't make it then we need to said goodbye for the band biggest dream. Personally, i'm very sorry about this all! I know how important this competitions is for the fans".

Should the band find or write two suitable songs, Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue will start in the 4th semi, where viewers will pick the better of their songs to go to the final. The final will be held in Turku on the 17th February. As hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, whoever represents Finland will start in the final.

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