Spain: Serafín Zubiri sings for a good cause

by Fernando Méndez 429 views

The former Spanish Eurovision representative, Serafin Zubiri performed songs from his last album, all of them related to matters and issues of social interest, during a recital in Hellín, Spain.

Last Thursday 27 November 2013 Serafín Zubiri visited the Hellín’s Cultural Center, where he performed songs from his 2012 album, Por una causa justa (For a good cause). The tracks of his latest album are part of a show that the former Eurovision participant has been presenting in different cities of Spain since the CD was released. Other popular tunes are sung by Serafín during a show that shares the title with the artist’s last record.

The project Por una causa justa is supported by different non-governmental organizations such as Greenpeace, Caritas, Special Olympics Spain and Manos Unidas among others. With this endeavor Serafín Zubiri gets involved in social causes that are worth fighting for. In Serafín’s own words, it’s time to stop looking away and to sing for those who suffer the most.

The album Por una causa justa can be purchased online through links in Serafín Zubiri’s website.

Serafín Zubiri represented Spain twice in the Eurovision Song Contest. Coincidently the contest was in held in Sweden both times; in 1992 he sang Todo esto es la música in Malmö and in 2000 Colgado de un sueño in Stockholm.

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Have you heard Serafín Zubiri’s Por una causa justa? Which social cause would move you into action? Please let us know in the section below.