La Década Prodigiosa return

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Misión Eurovisión, the Spanish preselection for Helsinki 2007 kicking off next January 9th, will have a well-known group amongst its participants: La Década Prodigiosa! The band are no strangers to the Eurovision Song Contest, representing Spain in Dublin 1988 with the song La chica que yo quiero (made in Spain). They placed 11th with 58 points.

Nineteen years after participation at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin 1988, La Década Prodigiosa has been selected to take part in Misión Eurovisión, the Spanish preselection for 2007. This is not the first time the band tries to represent Spain in recent years: they also tried in 2001, 2005 and 2006.

La Década has seen many changes since 1989, both in its name and its components. In 2001, they entered the Spanish preselection Eurocanción 2001 under the name of High Priority, with the song A nadie como a ti. That very year, they took part in the Benidorm Festival with the name of Karma.

La Década tried again to get the passport to Eurovision in 2005, called then Jaster. They didn't qualify for the final in that preselection, in which Brujería (Son de Sol) was elected to represent Spain in Kiev.

TVE chose the Spanish entry internally in 2006. La Década sent a song to the broadcaster, but Las Ketchup were appointed in the end. On the other hand, La Década won the Benidorm Festival later on with the same theme.

Below you can see La Década Prodigiosa's Technostalgia Mix, click on the 'play' icon.

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